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Corrosive Pipe Replacement

Industrial Plumbing

Saputo Construction offers a wide range on industrial and commercial plumbing. Saputo has developed a pristine reputation when it comes to providing a full service industrial plumbing experience.

Our plumbing jobs can range from repairing small plumbing issues like a broken bathroom fixture or sink, however; our expertise is really shown when we tackle difficult jobs such as locating a repairing broken pipes. These broken pipes can be on the surface, in the walls or can even be sewer lines running underneath your floors.

Below is a great illustration of the process and level of service we provide our industrial plumbing clients.

These are the steps we took on the pictures shown above:
1. Located issues
2. Created a plan to repair
3. Secured off area by draping large panels of plastic to contain all construction dust and debris from entering the rest of the work space.
4. Cut out the existing dairy brick floor
5. Opened up trench to access broken sewer line
6. Removed and replaced broken sewer line.
7. Refilled open trench
8. Laid down new dairy brick flooring
9. Cleaned up and made it look like nothing was ever disturbed